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Graffiti Trading Cards

Introducing the first ever OverCollectibles Graffiti Trading Cards! Remember when you got your first pack of baseball trading cards? Opening that pack and finding a piece of gum was always a nice surprise, but the real fun was collecting your favorite ball players. Each new deck had players you knew very well, and maybe even some you never knew existed. We took this simple idea and modeled it around some of our most talented artists! We print with only the highest quality ink on the best machines available. All of our cards are printed on both magnet and high quality card stock with UV coating to prevent color fading. We even put statistics on the back of the "world Graffiti" sets just like you would find on the back of a baseball card! We know that when you open your first pack of OverCollectibles Trading Cards you will be blown away by both the quality of printing and the talent of artistry, so grab your pack today! You may find an artist you never knew existed!...sorry, no gum

Loser AIDS crew - Art packs

Everyones favorite loser releases a brand new art pack !

Each pack contains a signed and numbered print, vinyl stickers, magnets and a some UV coated trading cards !!


Full Series Packs

The best way to collect these graffiti trading cards is to buy the full set. All full sets come packaged in their own unique way.

If you lose or damage or just want a few extras of a particular card you can always purchase cards individually.


Pawn Art Pack - REPTILES.


The TF Dutchman at Works on Paper Gallery

The Flying Dutchman killed it down in Philly with his first Solo show at Works on Paper Gallery.

Enjoy some Photos.


World Graffiti Trading Cards

Over Collectibles

Over Collectibles began in 2007 when it released series 1 of the "world graffiti" trading card sets.  The first set featured 21 artists from around the world and came printed on high gloss double sided magnetic cards.